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Do not make any payment that has not been directly requested by our office. Tavira y Botella

Applicants and agents are receiving fraudulent letters and e-mails requesting fees for services related to trademarks and designs; For example publication, registration or inclusion in company directories. Occasionally these writings will fraudulently use the name of OEPM (Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas – Spanish Office for Patents and Trademarks), and reproduce fraudulent OEPM letterheads, seals and signatures.

OEPM warns that this type of fraudulent communication has not been issued nor is covered by the OEPM, nor do they have any legal validity. The companies that send them have nothing to do with OEPM, nor does any relationship exist with any of its official publications. .(See fraudulent settlement rates document).

In other cases, these are companies allegedly related to Industrial Property, which, using the information obtained from the official publications of OEPM, send misleading letters of payment to applicants or agents, indicating a current account into which the amount should be paid. Often these companies have a simulated website in order to create an air of authenticity. As in the previous case, remember that these letters are not related to any proceedings with OEPM, nor does OEPM have any relation to such companies.

Any communication from OEPM is always made through a document identifiable by its institutional coat of arms, the name of the Ministerial Department to which it is attached (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism) and with its logo and official names. The affected parties should carefully study the documents sent to them in this regard, consulting with OEPM in case of doubt and not making any payments until they have verified that the documents come from an official source.

Also, please disregard any emails received about a possible domain takeover made by Chinese companies; this is another case of attempted fraud.