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Our legal services are focused on offering concrete and efficient solutions by working in a structured way depending on the exigencies of each Client.

We are experts in the following areas: Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law. Commercial Law. Finance Law. Procedural Law.

Different services that we offer


As mediators, we can provide mediation services in civil and commercial matters, and we are able to provide mediation in intellectual property matters, given the speciality of the office.

Mediation is a process by which an independent and impartial person helps others to understand the origin of their differences, to know its causes and consequences, to confront their visions and find solutions to resolve them, while avoiding conflict to the furthest possible extent, which creates a space for dialogue in which communicative fairness, security, freedom and equality prevail.

The advantages of mediation:

  • It’s a procedure
  • Confidential
  • Voluntary
  • More flexible and economical
  • It creates a space for communication, dialogue and consensus.
  • Offer personalised solutions adapted to the needs of the parties in conflict.

The parties:

  • Find equal ground.
  • They are protagonists in the adoption of agreements which last longer and which are more respected.
  • Prevent future conflict.

Our agents and engineers are trained as legal experts in the courts of law and in their role they undertake:

  • Economic valuation, trademark or trade name valuation.
  • Economic valuation, patent or utility model valuation.
  • Expert report to determine an infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights.
  • Reports on the feasibility of the registration of the invention.
  • Reports on the Technical State of the Art of a patent.

A corporate image encompasses various components that work together to position the company in the mind of a client.

A corporate image consists of:

The name of the company.
The logo.
The slogan.
The website.Brochure.

If your company needs to create or re-imagine its corporate image, our partners can carry out the design of your company’s image as well as your web page in order to subsequently proceed with its protection in the different forms of industrial and intellectual property.

We offer an integral service in the active management of assistance and grants:

Study and initial advice on the possibility of obtaining some help on your investments.

Design of strategies combining all possibilities in order to optimise the potential assistance.

Key performance in companies with several or many projects.

Locating the different administrations and agencies that grant aid to study the highest possible return on investment.

Consultations and individual presentations on the projects in front of the administrations or bodies.

Technical-financial preparation of the files.

Monitoring and defence of the submitted files.

Advice and preparation of certification records against the investment justification and condition compliance.

Collection management of amounts receivable.

Advance planning of your projects to structure them optimally.